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Helpful Holistic Health Documentaries and YouTube Channels

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Helpful Holistic health documentaries to watch

I am more of a reader when it comes to health related topics but I do know that many people enjoy watching videos or doing weekly webinars, or even listening to podcasts. We all learn differently! I have been asked lately about what YouTube channels are good to watch, so I figured I would make a list of channels or websites that have awesome health related information.

But if you are a reader like me, here is my list of recommended reading 😉

Health Related YouTube Channels/Videos

The Best Health Documentaries

Many of these on on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video

  • Vaxxed (you can find this on Amazon Prime video now)
  • Food Matters
  • Bought: The truth behind vaccines, big pharma & your food
  • Fed Up (A great movie showing how demonizing fat was just a ploy to load us up with sugar, which makes us sicker)
  • Food, Inc (gives a good idea on why quality of our food matters so much)
  • Business of Being Born– Birth is considered a business these days. In labor but your OB gets off of work soon or is heading to vacation? Time for an “emergency” c-section so they can finally go home.
  • Sweetening the Pill or How we Got Hooked on Birth Control
  • Pink Ribbons (all about pink-washing: why those companies that promote breast cancer awareness are actually still using toxins linked to breast cancer!)
  • Doctored
  • As a P.S., please DON’T watch “What the Health” 😉

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