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Why We Shouldn’t Fear the Sun

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Ahhh, summer. Sometimes there is nothing better than being out in the bright, warm sun on a summer day. Especially after many months of the cold!

But here comes the controversial arguments: what sunscreen do you use? Do you even use sunscreen? Are you afraid of the sun (like we’ve been conditioned to for decades)?

Well, here is my take on this topic!

 We need sunlight for our health!

The sun helps us create vitamin D, can combat depression, helps to regulate our circadian rhythm, actually protects us against certain cancers, kills bad bacteria (and can help with eradicating internal pathogens!), lowers cholesterol (because it allows us to use it for hormone creation), lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, and more. (source) What a list of benefits! No wonder why we’ve been taught to fear the sun- it is such a natural healer of many things! And you know how “health care” is truly all about keeping us sick.

Have you been told you have a vitamin D deficiency and are being told to take oral vitamin D? PLEASE read this article of mine about how to really raise vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is a hormone, not something we are meant to consume orally. We CANNOT bottle sunshine!

So what is Smart Sun exposure?

The sun is NOT our enemy. But we have to be smart about sun exposure. If you are going to be outside for 10 minutes, you’ll likely be OK to just soak in the rays for a bit. In fact, most people only really need about 10-15 minutes of direct exposure to make enough vitamin D for the day. You only need enough exposure to make your skin a little pink.  Your skin can only absorb so much at once, which is why people burn- that means you have gone over your limit! Some say the best time to get sun is between 10AM and 2PM. This is when UVB rays are more powerful so you wouldn’t need to sit out as long to get your appropriate shade of pink.

If you’re going to be out for HOURS at the beach, then you will definitely need some protection. There are so many options out there now for staying safe in the sun: clothes with SPF protection, hats, sunglasses, and of course, toxin free sunscreen.

I love Poofy Organics and Badger brands for sunscreens.

The Environmental Working Group puts out a list each year that shows the best and worst sunscreens (it’s not out for this year yet, but both of Poofy’s sunscreen options have a nice low score of 1 on their chart!). You can sign up through their site to get an email once the 2017 list is up if you want to learn the rest of the best sunscreens to choose!

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