The BEST Toxin Free Baby and New Mama Products

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5 Reasons to love Poofy Organics!

Most parents these days are becoming aware of the crazy amount of toxic chemicals used in everyday products, even ones that are used in the few few hours of life on newborns! It can be so hard to find products that are truly all natural because so many companies are still not being transparent when it comes to their labels.

This is where Poofy Organics comes in. They offer so many amazing products for babies, toddlers, and even for mama! As an independent guide for Poofy, I truly love and recommend them to everyone.

Some of the best things that Poofy offers are:

  • Cradle Cap Relief lotion
  • Unscented Lotion for Baby
  • “Happy Tush” Diaper Cream
  • “Happy Boobies Nipple Cream”
  • Sleepy Sleep bubble bath
  • Vapor Rub-a-dub-dub
  • And more!

Check out all of the Baby line here!


Poofy now offers gift cards too!!


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