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Who doesn’t love essential oils?! I’ve never been a huge fan of the big MLM essential oil companies, mostly because I do NOT agree with ingesting oils. Some of the information out there about oils is absolutely terrible. I would only recommend ingesting essential oils under the supervision of a TRAINED aromatherapist (I highly recommend Learningabouteos.com to learn more about essential oils). Because of this dangerous info, I refuse to support those big companies and I’m so glad that Poofy has great information on safe essential oil use.

One thing I love is that they have a guide on how to properly dilute the essential oils. Using oils neat on the skin can actually lead to chemical burns or even create an allergic reaction after a certain amounts of time (not always on the first use, but it can happen with frequent use) (source)


Some of the most popular blends (that already have a carrier oil) that Poofy has include: essential oils

Check out all of Poofy Organic’s available blends and single essential oils here.

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