Signs that you are truly healing

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St. Patrick ChurchJune 24, 2018(1)

Most of us grew up in the medical paradigm where you were told to just pop a pill when you felt sick, and you would then instantly feel better. Unfortunately that is not how true health is achieved. We all have had similar experiences with health: we felt mostly ok for years, even decades, until one day our bodies were like, “Nope! Can’t do this anymore.” When we hit that wall, it means that our bodies can no longer deal with the toxic burden that it’s been dealt.

Since it can take so long to get sick in the first place, it can take time to heal (and you can experience some healing reactions)- but there are many signs to look out for along the way to know if you are heading in the right direction!

Your Hair, Skin and Nails look GREAT!

So many people suffer with hair loss or breakage, acne, eczema, and slow growing nails. When digestion improves and protein metabolism is more effective, then your hair will start growing faster and it will stop falling out as much. You’ll start to notice that you have to clip your nails A LOT when before you would rarely ever have to touch them. Your skin will slowly start to clear up and you’ll break out much less than before.

Your Gut Symptoms Improve

There is a LOT to do to heal the gut. We have to focus on increasing stomach acid, healing the liver, getting rid of pathogens, and getting your colon moving more efficiently. Healing the gut takes time and effort- but once you start focusing on it you should notice improvement almost immediately. Signs your gut is improving: less or no bloating, better BMs, your appetite gets more stable, no more acid reflux, no more crazy cravings, and you start tolerating a wide range of foods.

Sleep Gets Better

Sleep is one of the hardest things to fix, and it seems to be the main thing that goes up and down for people. But if you are getting more nights of solid sleep and feeling refreshed when you wake up, that is a sure sign that your liver and adrenals are getting happy!

Weight Starts to Stabilize

After sleep, weight is probably the next thing that is hard to fix. When we are healing, excess weight is often the last thing the body works on. Many people have weight fluctuations as they heal. It is common, it stinks, but it is just a part of the journey. You can read my whole post on Gaining Weight While Healing here.

Your Moods Get Better!

When you deal with chronic anxiety and depression, you start to get used to those feelings unfortunately. As your gut heals and you replenish much-needed nutrients, you will start to notice that your 24/7 anxiety starts to only last for a few days a week, or a few minutes a day. When your body gets into balance, you will start to be happier, calmer, and have a new outlook on life 🙂

You start crossing out symptoms on your list!

So many people make themselves a list of symptoms at some point so they can have it for future reference. If you’ve done this, go take a look at it and start crossing out the things you no longer deal with. Are your chronic UTIs gone? Is your libido back? Can you go for a walk without crashing or experiencing pain everywhere? Has your PMS disappeared- or maybe your whole cycle normalized? It’s always good to make a progress check on yourself. You know yourself best!

There is no set time for healing- everyone will be different with what resolves first. But you should notice some issues improving or disappearing as time goes on. Usually gut symptoms are the first to really resolve since that is what usually needs to most work! Once your gut heals, you can assimilate nutrients better and that is when the real healing starts.

What symptoms have disappeared for YOU? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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4 Replies to “Signs that you are truly healing”

  1. I was recently diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. As a stubborn former Yankee workaholic I thought this was a fake diagnosis for ‘wimp’ or lazy. However the body does not lie and has forced me to listen; as in, I can now lay down on the floor in the middle of cleaning and fall asleep regardless of what time it is. Therefore, my first step in healing had been acceptance. Here I am surrendering to this silly nonsense. 😉 Helpful post here. Many thanks.

    1. Acceptance can be hard! But it is definitely the first step. Accept what rest you can get- it is often those of us that were workaholics that end up here. I’m glad you are on the right path now 😉

  2. Good to hear and be reminded of this. As you say, it took years to get this way—-it’s not going away over night. Can you touch on the protein thing and how our adrenals need it? With this histamine thing going on and meat supposed to be eaten fresh—-I have been Leary of protein. It’s a temporary thing, but I am fixing to change docs and the doc I am heading to is VERY pro vegan and I am Paleo, except with this histamine, I have added rice a little. So it is something different from the sweet potato. Not much of a cook yet….

    1. Hi Laura: Most people are slow oxidizers, and protein is a huge helper in healing a sluggish metabolism, especially when the adrenals are super sluggish. When we go over your results we’ll try to figure something out!

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