Are there endocrine disruptors in your nail polish?

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When you think of nail polish, what is the first thing to come to your mind? The SMELL, right? Some people just accept that smell as normal, but it’s just another sign of the toxins in our everyday environment. It is a scary thought that we can absorb about 60% of the chemicals that we put on our skin. Considering that the average woman can use nearly 500 chemicals just in her morning routine, it is no wonder that these toxins can build up and wreak havoc.

So what are the main offenders to avoid in Nail Polish?

*Toluene- A human reproductive toxin.
*Formaldehyde- A known carcinogen, plus they pickle dead bodies in it. YUCK!
*Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)- Known to cause infertility, uterine cancer, testicular cancer & fetal defects.
*Camphor – Poisonous & can cause liver damage.

Poofy Organics offers the BEST nail polish that does not have any of these major toxins!

Just look at all of these choices for colors! I actually went to the Poofy Organics store recently and it was so cool to see this whole selection of colors. I ended up picking Mamma Mia (middle of the second row). I’m very impressed with their polish. It has a slight nail polish scent but it doesn’t linger, nor is it headache inducing like other popular brands of polish. The color is great and definitely can withstand quite a bit (doing dishes, etc) and it dries pretty quickly.

nail polish.jpg

Want to take a closer look at these colors? Check them out here! Don’t forget to check out the toxin free nail polish remover too. It has NO smell, and the ingredients all have a rating of ZERO on the EWG site.

It’s easy to start reducing your toxin load with Poofy, whether it is one step at a time or all at once!

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