Managing Stress in a Modern, Chaotic Life

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Stress is inevitable in life, but there are many ways that we can learn to handle stress.  Since chronic stress is so damaging to our health, we can actually lose important nutrients like magnesium and zinc when we are under stress. Our adrenals take the biggest hit from stress- the HTMA can show you how your adrenals are handling everything too! Here are some tips for stress management:

Herbs and Adaptogens for Stress:

  • Oat is a nerve tonic, it helps nervous exhaustion and depression, and it works great for those that are overworked and undernourished.
  • Lemon balm is used most for anxiety, depression, cold sores, insomnia and it helps digestion.
  • Chamomile is another nerve tonic that is mostly used for anxiety and insomnia.
  • St. John’s Wort is great for anxiety, tension, depression, nerve health, and menopause. It is also anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever.
  • Ashwagandha – Immune health, combats stress, improves memory, anxiety, depression, brain cell regeneration, adrenal and thyroid health
  • Lavender is one of the most common herbs used for anxiety and depression. Many studies have proven its benefit for helping stress.
  • Rescue Remedy is an amazing brand that uses flower essences in their products. This brand was started about 80 years ago and has amazing quality products. They have special formulations for sleep, anxiety, and they even have pet versions!
  • Stress Manager Formula from Herb Pharm- This formula has all of the best adaptogens in it! Eleuthero Root, Reishi Mushroom, Holy Basil Leaf, Rhodiola Root, and Schisandra Berry.

Stress Relieving Activities:

  1. Yoga- everyone knows about yoga, but not everyone likes doing it.  Yoga has been one of the most popular ways to help de-stress for a long time.  Even finding a few yoga positions that help you can help immensely. I like legs-on-the-wall, child’s pose, cat-and-cow, and corpse pose
  2. EFT (aka Tapping)- Emotional Freedom technique is not new, but it has been garnering a lot of attention over the last few years in the natural health field. This method used meridian tapping to harness your body’s energy to heal itself.
  3. Buteyko breathing- A friend introduced me to this method this year, and I will forever be grateful.  It truly is a great way to calm yourself down before bed, or if you wake up in the middle of the night, or even in the middle of a panic attack. It actually helps the healing of a lot of different ailments as well!
Other great ways relieve stress could include:
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Practice grounding
  • Take a nice, long bath a few times a week and allow yourself to truly relax and enjoy it (throw in some Epsom salts or mag chloride flakes, baking soda, and dried lavender for real relaxation)
  • Find a hobby that makes you happy- experiencing pure happiness everyday, even for a short amount of time can truly change your attitude
  • Start writing a journal or blog, or even start a “good things” page where everyday you list a few things that you are grateful for
  • Call/visit a friend or family member
  • Help others- whether it’s volunteering or even just helping others on an online forum
  • Tell yourself this: ” I am happy and healthy!”

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