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What does HTMA test for? Minerals, heavy metals, and more!


This is a question I get often.  I tend to rave about how amazing hair tissue mineral analysis is but it is hard to quickly say everything that it is good for. So let’s go over the highlights of HTMA!

Minerals that HTMA tests for:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • zinc
  • phosphorus
  • iron
  • manganese
  • chromium
  • cobalt
  • boron
  • selenium
  • sulfur
  • molybdenum
  • and 14 trace minerals including lithium and germanium

Heavy metals:

  • Antimony
  • Uranium
  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Beryllium

Main Ratios:

  • Metabolic Rate/ Nervous system health: Calcium/Phosphorus
  • Vitality, Adrenals, and Life/Death Ratio: Sodium/Potassium
  • Thyroid : Calcium/Potassium
  • Hormone (Estrogen/testosterone/progesterone): Zinc/Copper
  • Adrenals: Sodium/Magnesium
  • Blood Sugar/Cardiovascular Health: Calcium/Magnesium
  • Underlying infection ratio: Iron/Copper

Minerals are needed for millions of enzymes as co-factors, inhibitors or even as the enzyme themselves. Enzymes are what keeps our bodies running. When we are low on minerals or if they are imbalanced, our bodies cannot physically function correctly. We look at the whole picture with HTMA- levels, ratios, and the person’s individual symptoms.

The HTMA also gives us the ratios between some of the most important nutrients, which is the key to making individualized treatments. HTMA can be helpful for healing from common illnesses so it truly can be an invaluable tool to getting back on the right track.  HTMA testing works best when done every 3-6 months to help determine the changes going on in your body- it is possible to have to tweak your program every few months depending on how you are healing.  Healing fully can take some time but you can find fast relief from symptoms such as anxiety, depression, constipation, and insomnia.

An HTMA consult with me includes: the hair test, analysis, lifestyle and diet recommendations, and unlimited support while on the healing program, and access to my Facebook group Mineral Mavens. I no longer send out kits for taking the hair sample which ensures a much quicker wait time for you!

This package is $200 right now- a great deal! Retests for those that have tested with me in the last 6 months are only $175! Read more here on how to order!

**If you dye your hair: 4-6 weeks of new growth is preferred. The sample is that is needed is as close to the scalp as possible. If your hair dye has bleach or peroxide, you will have to either wait for new growth (or leave a hidden section un-dyed) or you can send fingernails or pubic hair.***

I am very pro-food based nutrition as this is how Mother Nature intended us to get our nutrients. Because of the state of our soils, it is imperative that we look for organic and nutrient dense foods.  I use foods, herbs, and food-based supplements in my programs.  Many people are dealing with several imbalances and deficiencies at once so using food as medicine is gentle and effective compared to synthetic, isolated, and lab-made nutrients.

Email me today to find out why you need an HTMA!

Watch my video that explains HTMA on YouTube- Here

Sample HTMA- the main minerals and heavy metals that are tested.

Sample HTMA- the main Ratios that are tested

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