Epstein-Barr Virus: Natural Treatments for EBV

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Before we really get into this, let me say: in a perfect world where our minerals were balanced, we would NOT be able to harbor these gross pests like parasites, yeast, bacteria, and viruses.  Bioavailable copper is the MOST critical nutrient for keeping these nasty things at bay.  Nearly everyone has copper dysregulation and other mineral deficiencies at this point- and these are just 2 of the major issues out there that are plaguing people.


That being said, there is only so much progress you can make on a healing protocol without addressing any underlying issues that you may have. Epstein-Barr Virus is one of the many things that can be blocking our healing.  And it is very common to be dealing with a trifecta of issues: EBV, parasites and excess yeast. (Again, we need copper to control all of those! It’s important to address copper dysregulation alongside any treatment you may do against these things.)

What is EBV?

Over 225 million Americans have some form of EBV- which is a HUGE portion of this country’s population of 320 million. There are apparently 4 stages of EBV.

In the first stage, it is dormant and trying to make itself stronger.  It waits for a stressful moment to finally attack you- if you managed to completely run yourself down with overwork, right after you have a child, and when puberty or menopause hits.  Hormones can apparently “feed” EBV so any hormonal changes are a prime time to attack. In stage one, the virus isn’t detected by tests nor does it really show any symptoms

In stage two, EBV is now strong enough to make a move. Apparently, all cases of mono are just stage 2 of EBV. This bout of mono can last a few weeks or it can linger for months, depending on the strength of the person. EBV starts to find a “home” in your organs- especially ones that are harboring toxins like mercury. The biggest shocker of stage 2 is that is is directly related to Streptococcus.  Apparently EBV and strep are best friends! This virus is passed on through saliva, blood, and possibly sex in this second stage.

In the 3rd stage, EBV is comfy/cozy in your organs, especially the liver.  This is how docs can miss diagnosing EBV- once it becomes lodged in your organs, it doesn’t show up in the blood. This doesn’t mean it’s no longer a threat- it is just waiting to pounce when your body’s defenses are down again. EBV can stay dormant for years or decades with no apparent symptoms.  While it is getting settled in to your organs, EBV creates nasty byproducts that usually create varying levels of fatigue.

Your liver ends up being the biggest causality of EBV.  Most people are already struggling with a sluggish liver so the dormant EBV can just further weaken it.  It especially has a huge impact on the amount of HCL that your body produces- and we know how important stomach acid is to keep things like parasites away, as well as being essential for digesting food and assimilating nutrients.

Stage 4 is when the auto-immune illnesses kick in. Lupus, fibromyalgia, any thyroid disorder, etc. EBV can inflame the whole nervous system. Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the biggest issues associated with this virus. There are 60 varieties of EBV so this means there are many variations of the illness. The severity of EBV will depend on the person’s level of nutrient depletion and stress levels.

There is also a HUGE connection between gut inflammation and EBV. Apparently EBV likes to hang out in inflammatory lesions in the gut. You can read an amazing article about this here. Please read it! It also talks about the connection between parasites and EBV.

Symptoms and Conditions Associated with EBV

Since our immune system is what is needed to properly fend off viruses, it is no wonder how many auto-immune diseases are associated with EBV. Lupus, hypothyroidism, RA, fibromyalgia, MS, Meniere’s disease, and cancer all have links with EBV.

Common symptoms include: Anxiety, dizziness, chest tightness, chest pain, esophageal spasms, heart palpitations, insomnia, tingling feet and hands, and asthma

(can I say that I personally suffered with esophageal spasms about 4 years ago. I know that this is also due to a magnesium deficiency but I cannot help but be in awe that this is related to EBV- which they had confirmed via blood test 2 years prior to me experiencing all of this. “Esophageal spasms” is not a phrase you see or hear very often!)

Treating and Testing for EBV

For many people, this virus will be dormant and hiding so blood tests won’t be able to show you anything unless you recently contracted it or if it is reactivated. You can check out the panel for EBV here through this link -you can order it yourself or you can ask your doctor to order these specific tests for you. I would also add in the copper, zinc, and ceruloplasmin panel because ideally we need to make copper bioavailable to help truly control viruses like EBV.

There are a ton of anti-viral foods and herbs out there that can help eliminate EBV.


Blueberries, sprouts, celery, coconut oil (lauric acid!), ginger, raspberries, parsley, garlic, spinach, asparagus, fennel, pomegranates, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, cilantro, papaya, and apricots

Herbs and Spices:

Star Anise, lemon balm, red clover, nettles, elderberry, turmeric, and algea


Cat’s claw, monolaurin, l-lysine, whole food C, and getting on a mineral balancing program

There is also a homeopathic nosode that is helpful in eliminating the virus.

One of my Mavens made her own protocol for beating EBV’s butt: Lauricidin, Lysine, melissa, olive leaf, echinachea, goldenseal, astragalus, elderberry, WFC (whole food C), colostrum, and RM-10. 

Important Nutrients:

Vitamin A (retinol), whole food C, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium

Other important parts of treatment include:

Rebounding, healing your liver, addressing any parasite infection, and keeping your lymph moving. I was mostly inspired to write this post because after I started rebounding, I had what felt like strep for almost 2 weeks.  It DEFINITELY activated something in my body and even though it took me a few weeks to get my strength back, I feel like I must have released a lot of old junk in that time period.

Read more about Anti-viral Support here.

And don’t forget, with any healing protocol you may experience healing reactions.  Please read about this here to get a better understanding of it.

I think that might be everything! Do you have EBV, or have you beaten it yourself? Let’s talk about it in the comments.


Please read this, and then read it again! (I’m not HUGE on the whole “Medical Medium” but he has some very valid points about EBV)

Looking to get on a nutritional balancing program? HTMA can determine your metablic rate as well as show whether you are susceptible to viruses like EBV. Click here to learn more: HTMA with Sassy.

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  1. Hi Kristin, in the above article it says the htma will tell you if you are susceptible to viruses like ebv. Looking at the htma how would I get that info? Thank you

    1. Slow oxidizers in general are more prone to have underlying infections. The ratio between copper and iron also gives us insight- a low ratio indicates viral infections, a high indicates bacterial. But a majority of people have a low ratio.

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