Achieving Health and Wellness with Sassy Holistics

The natural health world can be complicated at times. There are many different products and programs that promise quick-fixes that may or may not even have benefit for you. In reality, there are no quick fixes when we want to heal. I went through this all myself, and found that way too many people hyper-focus on one organ, one specific illness, one diet, or one nutrient.

True holistic health focuses on the body as a whole. We don’t work on just the thyroid, or try to get you to drop 20 pounds in 10 days. We don’t take 20+ supplements a day, nor do we starve ourselves or do strict diets.  My programs are designed with biochemical individuality in mind: we are all different and we all need different plans to heal.  We also try to make things simple!

What we do to help you heal:

  1. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: HTMA is the best first step in figuring your your personal biochemistry.  Minerals are at the base of our health: they influence our hormones, can impact our neurotransmitters, play a huge role in our genetic expressions, and more. HTMA gives us insight on how your body reacts to stress as well as what minerals you are deficient or toxic in.  My plans with HTMAs include the following as well:
  2. Gut healing: Leaky gut is rampant these days. HTMA gives us a lot of insight on how well you are utilizing certain nutrients so we can see if you are dealing with low stomach acid, poor bile flow, or having issues with protein metabolism. In order to heal, we HAVE to heal your gut!
  3. Detoxification Support: We live in a toxic world. When our bodies are overloaded with toxins, we become tired, grumpy, and sick.  My plans include gentle support in healing the liver, the lymph, the kidneys, and the whole detoxification system. As we work on balancing minerals, the body works up more strength to get rid of toxins (heavy metals, parasites, etc), so we add in extra support to make healing easier.
  4. Individualized nutrition: Since HTMA gives us a good view on what nutritional imbalances you have, we can make some changes to make sure we get more of what you need.  We all have to eat: why not make the most of your diet with nutrient dense foods?
  5. Focus on your main symptoms: We try to work on the worst of what is bothering you right now. Having issues with sleep? Or bloating? Anxiety? Based on your symptoms and HTMA, we will find a way to help you start healing your biggest concerns first if we can so healing is more comfortable for you.  Deep healing takes time, but we can absolutely make huge leaps in progress when we start introducing the nutrients we need.
  6. Weight Loss: Often, dealing with weight issues is a sign of a sluggish liver. As we heal, weight is something that the body starts to fix. Many of the things I use on my plans are intended to really get weight moving- but it is NOT a priority for the body. Some people lose weight quickly when we start healing, and for many others it is one of the last things to resolve. Part of my goal with HTMA and my healing protocols is to get people to stop looking at weight as a measurement of health.  Part of this healing journey is learning how to really take care of yourself and accepting yourself as a whole (struggles included!). I’ve recently been investigating more ways to help with healthy weight loss as we heal, and if they are applicable to your needs, then I add them to our whole protocol.

About Kristin:

I was almost always sick growing up and by the time I was 17 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness.  I had chronic pain, migraines, digestive issues, depression, anxiety and I gained a lot of weight.  I saw about a dozen doctors who just kept giving me more medications but they usually made things worse.  I learned to just deal with the “fibromylagia” but I was majorly depressed for several years.

 It took an extreme issue for me to finally break free of the allopathic “health” model: I could not even eat anything without pain for several months! I once again did the merry-go-round of doctors and medications, only to have things get so much worse in that time. I weaned off the medications I was on and then started to clean up my diet and added in a few gut healing tools.

 I finally started to learn the way to live holistically and one by one, all of my health issues started disappearing.  It was the proof I needed that this was the true way to live.  It was the push I needed to realized that I can help others break free of their illnesses and regain their health and happiness. 

Because of my own experiences with healing, I wanted to create a program that truly healed the body as a whole. This is why I started the Sassy Holistics website! So many other programs focus on just 1 nutrient (or worse, 20+ isolated nutrients!), or 1 specific diet. But this allopathic thinking is truly making many people worse in the long run. The body is a whole, and every system works together. My main goal with my HTMA protocols is to create a plan that is sustainable and easy, creates long term healing (and not just covers symptoms up!), and to help people relearn what true health should be.

My goal in life is to help those that want to gain back their lives.  Whether you want to get healthier or just learn how to “green” your life, I will be there to help.  I want to help people learn the truth about what it means to be healthy. We have to change now in order to make our future generations healthier. Our children are now estimated to have shorter lifespans than us- that is unacceptable!

My Certifications and Education:

  • Holistic Nutrition Certification from Penn Foster
  • Fitness and Nutrition Certification from Penn Foster
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Training with the Malter Institute
  • HTMA Course through UNM taught by Dr. Wilson completed
  • Currently enrolled in the University of Natural Medicine to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences, with concentrations on homeopathy and holistic nutrition. I’ve already been approved to move onto the doctorate program they offer once I complete this degree.
  • Over 2 years of hands-on experience in the nutrition field helping people find their path to better health.
  • I plan on continuing my education further afterwards as well. So much to learn!

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About Denise:

“I’ve taken an interesting path on my way to joining the Sassy Holistics team!  I grew up on a dairy farm, and when I headed off to college to major in Dairy Science, I thought the ag industry is where I would spend the rest of my life.  Wrong!  Well, sort of.  I developed a passion for helping women and their partners to feel empowered during their pregnancy and birth after my husband and I had our own empowering experience with our first baby.  So I transitioned out of the ag industry and into birth work as a Bradley Method childbirth educator and birth doula.

It was during this transition that I also dived deeper into learning more about health and wellness.  I was often frustrated by the medical establishment’s solutions – always a prescription as the answer.  My thyroid numbers were off at one point.  The answer?  Thyroid meds.  I had a couple miscarriages and struggled to get pregnant at one point.  The answer?  Progesterone.  Neither of those options ever felt right to me though.  I wanted to know the reason WHY I wasn’t producing enough of those hormones, and they never had the answer.  I went on to have two more healthy babies, and my real wake-up call about eating healthy was when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy.  I didn’t want to be the statistic that developed type 2 diabetes within 5 years.  Thankfully I found Kristin in Feb. 2016 before I ever became chronically ill.  Her philosophy is what I had been searching for all along.  The minerals are at the core of it all!  It has been such an incredibly powerful feeling to take control of my health and the health of my family.

Now I’m able to help others to take charge of their health as well. HTMA is my favorite way to help get a lot of answers.  And herbs and whole food nutrition are my favorite solutions.  I hope to complete my Women’s Herbal Educator certification in 2018.  The focus is on women’s health issues from puberty through menopause.  I will always have a special love for helping women with reproductive issues, although I’m happy to work with all people in all walks of life!  And as for that part about the ag industry?  Well,  a saying I grew up hearing often applies here, “You can take the kid out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the kid.”  My husband and I hope to build a home soon on our recently purchased 5.5 acres and raise our own chickens, plant a huge garden and start harvesting the herbs already growing there.”

Formal Education:

  • Bachelor of Science – Dairy Science from University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Bachelor of Science – Agricultural Journalism from University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Master of Science – Dairy Science (Reproductive Physiology) from University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Training – Mineral Mavens Academy (Kristin Merizalde, Sassy Holistics)
  • Herbal Medicine for Women – currently enrolled, by Aviva Romm

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