Looking for Truly Organic Cosmetics?

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Poofy Organics is my go-to for the best cosmetics now! I went make-up free for years once I learned about the toxic ingredients that most make-up uses, and could never find a truly all-natural replacement so I gave up. But when I signed up to be an independent guie with Poofy last summer, I was so excited to try their beauty products!

I’m absolutely in love with what Poofy offers. So far I have some of their eyeshadow and one of their mascaras. I was so happy that they were just as amazing as I though they would be. With popular mascara brands, I would always feel my eyes burn for awhile after I put it on (which I should have seen as a red flag back then, duh!). But Poofy’s mascara is not the same! It still makes lashes stand out quite a bit, it lasts all day, and there is no side effects like other brands.

Check out all of their awesome options here.

They have lip glosses/sticks/balms, eyeliner, mascara, nail polish (my favorite is Mama Mia!), concealer, blush, and more. They have everything you need to make the switch to a truly organic cosmetic line and reduce your environmental toxins.

My Favorite Eye Shadow, Blue Nile:

blue nile eyeshadow


Not sure what ingredients you should avoiding in cosmetics? Take a look at this handy chart! This is a great start.

toxins to avoid

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