My Favorite Liver Support Supplement

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My Favorite Liver Support Supplement!

I’ve been waiting for a while to post this because I wanted to give a real and honest review on BioRay Liver Life. Now, I am not an affiliate with the company or anything- this is just a product that I’ve been finding to be extremely beneficial for my whole family and I want to share everything that I know about it. I heard of this product a few years ago from people that used it and loved it, but it took me awhile to try it myself.  Recently, I started recommending their kid’s products a lot more and figured it was time for me to test out the Liver Life- I always prefer to test things out before I recommend them. I can definitely say now that I LOVE this product!

So what is in BioRay Liver Life?

  • Agaricus Blazei mushroom– heals the liver and boosts immune health
  • Red Root-one of the best herbs for lymph health
  • Milk thistle seeds– amazing for liver detox and regeneration
  • Olive Leaf-Has strong anti-viral properties
  • Turkey Tail mushroom-Immune system supporter
  • Reishi mushroom– a well-known adrenal adaptogen and immune system supporter
  • Maitake mushroom-another amazing adaptogen; anti-viral; immune support
  • Deionized water and gluten-free grain alcohol (20% by volume).

What are the benefits of BioRay Liver Life?

According to their website, which you can find here, BioRay can help with the following:

  • Improves detox, nutrient absorption and food tolerance
  • Increases metabolism and energy levels
  • Balances healthy body weight
  • Restores healthy pH balance
  • Promotes restful sleep and balanced hormones
  • Reduces skin irritations, head pain and sensory issues
  • Can reduce histamine response by about 48% (source)
  • Can improve liver function by 50% in only 15 days! (source)
  • Provides support for kidneys, liver, adrenals and lymph system

Where to find BioRay

I like to use the BioRay Website to find and learn more about their products, but I like to buy their products on Perfect Supplements since they just started carrying BioRay (thank you!!).

The BioRay Liver Life is $58 for 4 ounces on the BioRay site. But on Perfect Supplements, you’ll find it for about $52, plus you get an extra 10% off when you use my code SASSY at checkout. Check out the Liver Life here on Perfect!

Same thing with their AMAZING BioRay Kids line- now you can find them all on Perfect Supplements, and save 10%.

You can also check out their new symptom chart to see which one of their products might work best for you based on symptoms!

About the company: BioRay has been around for about 25 years. They use a mixture of ancient Chinese medicine and modern science to formulate their products. They make their products in small batches and use only organic ingredients.

10 Replies to “My Favorite Liver Support Supplement”

  1. In your article where it says, “Check out the Liver Life here on Perfect!” The link says this product no longer exists. ?? That’s odd…

    1. VEry weird! I’ll have to try and see what is going on there. If you search their site the liver life is still on there. If you order you just need to enter the code SASSY at checkout for 10% off. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Hi Kristen! How long is it recommended to take liver life for?? I have read that Milk Thistle should not be taken long term. Do you think the adaptogens that are in the formula would cause issues with low cortisol? I am looking to try a new liver product and this does look good.

    1. Hi Rebecca! I think Milk thistle on its own shouldn’t be done long term, but it is likely better when in a blend like the Liver Life. BioRay recommends the LL for at least 3 months, but on their site it says it is for daily support and I’ve seen many use it long term with no issues. These adaptogens are best for balancing and support in general, so they are fine for low cortisol too! Hope that helps. I would just start super low and slow as it can really kickstart detox.

  3. If you are autoimmune will immune boosting herbs/mushrooms cause an immune system over-stimulation? Do you know of the give take situation, as in any time I take something it’s at the cost of something else in the body. It’s a never ending chase…do any of these ingredients have repercussions to be aware of? Thank you!

    1. That does complicate things. I haven’t seen anything specific from BioRay about this product being bad for those with auto-immune issues, so that might be something you can contact them about.

          1. Hi Anna Maria! Sorry I didn’t as I opted to get clinic care in the US (Canadian) so holding off on buying anything. But if I do end up considering it, or my clinic prescribed something similar I’ll share 🙂

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