How to Really Eliminate Candida

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On nearly every natural health site these days you’ll see information about Candida. What is it, what diets are needed to control it, which anti-fungals to use, and the list goes on. The thing is, NONE of these sites are addressing the root cause about why Candida overgrowth is so common these days.

Want to know one of the main causes of Candida?


Say what?? A MINERAL IMBALANCE is behind this “epidemic” of candida overgrowth? No way! There are many reasons why copper can become imbalanced- one reason is because excess sugar can negatively affect copper, which is why sugar free diets are touted as one of the only ways to get rid of Candida (I know people that have been on sugar-free or low-sugar diets for YEARS and they still cannot get rid of the Candida. Hmm!)

But the main reason why copper imbalances can cause excess yeast, according to ARL Labs, is:

“When copper is bio-unavailable, it cannot serve its normal function as a fungicide. Copper is involved in enzymes in cellular oxidative (aerobic) metabolism, and this appears to be the reason for its anti-fungal action.

The causes of copper bio-unavailability are several, however the principal one is adrenal gland insufficiency, exhaustion or burnout. Inadequate secretion of adrenal glucocorticoid hormones prevents adequate synthesis of the major copper-binding protein, ceruloplasmin.

So there you have it- getting copper balanced is one of the biggest factors in eliminating Candida. Adrenal and liver support are CRUCIAL to making copper bio-available so they should be the main focus for everyone because we need energy and optimal detoxification to eliminate excess yeast. Most of the my clients that have severe copper dysregulation start to notice that they have yeast die-off once they start on their protocols which is why I recommend going low and slow with most supplements.

Getting an HTMA will show the state of the adrenals as well as overall vitality, and getting the Copper/zinc/ceruloplasmin blood panel will show the other side of the copper story.

You can read more about the other root causes of Candida in this article from ARL Labs.


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6 Replies to “How to Really Eliminate Candida”

  1. Hi Kristin,

    I have been working h on adrenal and liver issues for 2 years. Now targeting the root causes, parasites, candida and Mercury detox is already done. My adrenals are way better, my liver too, but after reading this i would like to know my copper status. Where can I order a blood panel for copper and other good indicators for this issue to once for all kick candida goodbye! I have suffered from this all my life, since my mom gave me my first formula bottle over 50 years ago! I know where to get a HTMA analysis! Which test is better in general, hair or blood?
    Thank you sooo much, Kathrina

    1. Hi Kathrina! I’m glad that you are doing better now then. For figuring out the copper issue, the best tests are the HTMA as well as a blood panel for copper serum, zinc plasma/serum, and ceruloplasmin. Usually a doc can order these or you can order them yourself through Walk In Lab or Request a test, depending on where you live. Hope that helps a bit 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot! When I’m back from vacation in May I’ll get this testing done. In order to get better and finding all my root causes I also had fired my regular doctor! But I’ll order on my own, no problem!

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